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123sem is the driving force drawing attention from consumers Brilliant and unparalleled marketing strategy for your success of business in Korea 123sem goes with you.

123sem’s Five Technical Know-how, Best SMM (Social Media Marketing) Service in Korea !

1. Trend Analysis Tool / TAT

: TAT monitors online opinions on your brand and helps you plan proper social media strategy

2. Contents Optimazation Tool / COT

: COT is a SEO(Search Engine Optimization) tool that analyzes and lists your content on the top of search result pages

3. Visiting Analysis Tool (VAT)

: VAT measures marketing efficiency by analyzing visitors and inbound channels

4. Social Networking Tool (SNT)

: SNT builds social links to spread your content through WOM.

5. Competition Analysis Tool (CAT)

: CAT monitors your competitors and evaluates current campaign’s competitiveness


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