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1. Miller

‘M Brand’ always around among the youth


Creation of youth culture to expose ‘M’ as the leading youth brand among the young people in their 20s


  • To create youth culture through the diary of the trendsetter ‘hip girl’ who loves beer and club
  • To make people more familiar with ‘M Brand’ through communication from the consumers’ perspective
  • Means of advertisement by connecting offline ads and party with online ads
  • To create high-quality contents to make more than 90% of the visitors exposed to ‘M Brand’
  • To display youth culture led by those in their 20s, evoking sympathy and aspiration
  • To spread contents with fun and exciting contents and encourage users to leave a comment


We have caught consumers’ attention with differentiated strategy and positioning.” We make them excited and interested from their perspective.

Mixing youth culture with club culture, consumers unwittingly started to accept Miller as a part of youth culture.
As a result, Miller has always been included in youth culture among the youth trendsetters.
With a story which has a glimpse at the passion and culture of the youth in Hongdae club culture, it has evoked sympathy and aspiration and successfully promoted Miller Culture (‘Youth Culture’) campaign.

Case Studies


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