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3. Market O

The largest sales achieved by taking advantage of the latest issue


Orion’s Market O was released under the motto of ‘Birth of Chemical Additive-free Healthy and Nutritious Cookies’. At that time, the entire nation was stirred by melamine contamination. Then, Market O was advertised as ‘safe food’ through online marketing.


  • To create high-quality contents by taking advantage of the latest issue
    (ex: Goo Joon-pyo’s Cookie from ‘Boys Over Flowers’, etc.)
  • Continuous communication between consumers and positive contents
  • Means of advertisement by connecting offline ads and party with online ads
  • To spread contents with fun and exciting contents and encourage users to leave a comment


The latest issues and trends were taken advantage of through blogs and cafes to create positive and amicable public opinions on the product.
In addition, the continuous communication with consumers made consumers change their negative view on ‘cookies = junk food’.
As a result, Market O was able to establish a brand image of ‘Safe and Healthy Cookie’.
For about four (4) months, over 150,000 people visited and more than 300,000 post page views were recorded. At the same time, customer satisfaction was maximized.
With increase in regular visitors (consumers), after all, sales have increased.

Case Studies


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