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123sem delivers results, Period.

We regularly upload content to engage the audience and most importantly, help your company to create a fan base that returns residual ROI through likes, recommendations and follows. Our social posts are meticulously crafted with one objective in mind: to facilitate open & direct communication between the brand and their customers.
For Facebook, we provide our clients with post planning and drip-feed content such as video, articles, text or image on desired intervals. We’ve worked with prominent companies such as Samsung to publicize their new line of Camera beginning in Korea and then rest of the world. Over period of 6 years we got over 11,000,000 likes on Samsung smart camera Facebook fanpage. Not only do we understand social media understanding, we’ve mastered it. We generate viral buzz about your brand both here in Korea and Abroad. We syndicate social content on your behalf that is engaging, viral and above all else lead to conversions.

Mobile Social Media

Korea is home to two popular chat applications that have 100+ million users each. One, being KakaoTalk with 120 million users and the other being Line by Naver which has 180 million users. Both applications seamlessly integrate social network into their chat apps, making it very convenient for Korean consumers to share social content. With 17 years of experience, 123 sem will guide you through every step of the way through advertising on mobile social networks with ease

Why SNS Marketing?

# of smartphone users in korea: 40.1 mil. (82.1% of population)
47.7% of smartphone users connects to SNS everyday
[Source : Korea Internet & Security Agency]


SNS Market Share in Korea

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter

More than 9 out of 10 SNS users(94.4%) use profile-based SNS service like Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Process

1. Research
  • market research
  • study your audience
  • set communication goal
  • plan operation strategies
  • plan content and event
2. Action
  • design fan page
  • plan menu/categories
  • timeline operation
  • create content
3. Management
  • content management
  • networking mgt
  • measurement/statistics
  • evaluate consumers feedback / reply

Facebook Marketing Overview

  • Design and set-up your local Facebook (individual/fan) page
  • Manage your Facebook (content creation/updates and social networking)
  • Increase # of fans and likes and plan events


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