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When people are wondering about something, they ask questions on Naver Knowledge. Providing relevant, high quality answers based on the fact of your product or service helps you engage your users on the medium that they are using, people understand your brand, building trust of the brand. So this service is one of the best ways to reach out to your potential visitors as viral marketing strategy.

  • “Knowledge Search(지식iN)” is a main menu on NAVER’s top menu bar.
  • For many question-type (what, which, who, where, when, how) search phrases, Knowledge Search comes early on NAVER’s SERPs.

Knowledge Search Marketing Strategy

Participate in Knowledge Search (Knowledge IN)

Knowledge Search Marketing Process

1. Research
  • market research
  • competition research
  • keyword/theme ideas
  • make questions
  • prepare answers
2. Action
  • post questions
  • post answers
3. Management
  • posting management
  • measurement
  • evaluate consumers
  • feedback / follow-up
  • To help Building brand image.
  • To Share user’s experience
  • Improve reliability through two forms of response. (consumer and expert-type answers)
  • NAVER Knowledge IN (지식iN)
  • Influential, high-quality questions & answers
  • Use of proper keyword tags


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