Cafe Marketing (Online Social Forum Marketing)

Cafe is an effective way of marketing for online communities.

One of the most prominent ways Korean consumers reach buying decisions is through cafes or for simpler terms, forums. Bulk of these forums has an influencer (viral bloggers) with a huge follower base and Korean consumers generally like to purchase from their trusted recommendations. With our Café marketing service, we help you to identify these influencers and conduct viral word-of-mouth campaigns through sponsored content promotion.

Through our experience we have found that business-to-consumer verticals do quite well in Café Marketing. In the past, we’ve worked with Miller Beer brand to launch in Korea through viral café promotions. In addition, our work has been focused on tourism industries for both home here in Korea abroad. Café Marketing service includes

  • Café Influencer Identification
  • Approach prominent café webmasters and conduct sponsored promotion
  • Post buy recommendation for your brand or service through paid promotions conducted by café webmasters
  • Track campaign performance and effectiveness
  • Metrics oriented campaign reporting with Google Analytics Integration
  • Regular and interval social content promotions for your brand
  • Reputation management as well as negative review mitigation and management

Cafe Market Share in Korea

  • Naver
  • Two

[Source : 2014]

  • “Cafe” is a prominent menu on top menu bar on NAVER

Connect with influential Cafes

Cafe Marketing Overview

  • To target online communities related to your industry/product/service
  • To build your official cafe or to connect to other favorite cafes
  • To encourage your customers/potential customers to participate with one another
  • To improve brand awareness
  • Participate in leading/influential/popular cafés in your industry
  • Upload strategic regularly either on your cafe or target cafes
  • Your content on SERP on NAVER
  • Expand a group of loyal, online consumers who spread your brand positively
  • NAVER Cafe / DAUM Cafe (for your cafe)
  • Other popular cafes / communities (for viral marketing)
  • Periodic content updates
  • Content sharing with other social media channels

Cafe Marketing Process

1. Research
  • Keyword / theme
  • market research
  • competition research
  • content ideas
2. Action
  • cafe design or networking with other cafes / communities
  • collecting members
  • content posting


3. Management
  • member management
  • posting management
  • cafe analytics
  • evaluate consumers feedback

Power Networking(Connect with industry-leading cafes)

  • Select popular cafés connected with industry-leading cafes.
  • Participate in the cafés or ask the owner to publish your paid article/content


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