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Make Your Brand Shine With Korea Blog Marketing

Get your brand found with the largest web portal in South Korea and most prominent search engine, Naver and Daum Blogging platforms are also used by S. Korean business to interact with customers, provide useful information directly to consumers and build overall trust customer base. Naver offers diverse offerings in getting your message across such as the Line chat app which has 180 million users, third place in terms of user base right after WeChat of China & WhatsApp In USA. We help you to nourish your brand toward vital growth through content marketing in Korean language, through Naver’s blogging channel. In addition, our work has been focused on tourism industries for both home here in Korea abroad. One of our latest successful project has been for the Swiss Gornergrat Bahn, where we promoted trekking, hiking & backpacking in the Swiss Gornergrat region and train travel via Gornergrat Bahn and Glacier Express.

123sem Naver Content Marketing/Package Includes

  • Translating your content in to Korean (We have Korean/English writers on staff)
  • Tracking click troughs, ROI metrics reporting & Traffic reports.
  • Integration with Google Analytics to track Content Marketing Success & Readership
  • Generate viral buzz about your product or service through reviews testimonials and paid promotion of your content.
  • Generate a positive public opinion towards your brand or service
  • Reputation management and take downs of negative comments and reviews

Why Blog Marketing?

The 78% & 42% Metric – 78% Korean consumers make a purchase after viewing by recommendation or reviews made by consumers online. About 42% Korean consumers then move to Blog Search categories to read about user experiences. The biggest channel for Korean customers to read user recommendations/ review is Daum Kakao (Now Kakao Corp.) & Naver Corp, two biggest search engines by number of userbase in South Korea.

Blog Market Share in Korea

  • Naver
  • Daum
  • Tistory
  • Etc.

[Source : 2014]

  • Naver Blog is one of the most commonly used South Korean Blogging platform.
Internet Surfing/Search
Online Shopping Mall
Offline Store/Branch
Viral (Offline)
Viral (Online)

[Source : 2014.12 DMC Report (Plural Response Results)]

  • Customers often like to get a second opinion from other bloggers in regards to product reviews or feedbacks from other users by reading blog posts.

Build Your Brand Blog

Blog Marketing Overview

  • To practice the most influential online marketing strategy in Korea
  • To build a trusted corporate brand blog
  • To establish two-ways communication channel with customers
  • To improve brand awareness
  • Connect with your customers effectively
  • (deliver marketing/brand messages)
  • Create effective (interesting/entertaining/useful) content to attract more prospective customers
  • Share content with your SNS channels
  • NAVER blog
  • Periodic content updates
  • Content sharing with other social media channels

Blog Marketing Process

1. Research
  • Keyword / theme
  • market research
  • competition research
  • content ideas
2. Action
  • blog design
  • content posting
  • content sharing
  • power bloggers


3. Management
  • comment management
  • posting management
  • blog analytics
  • evaluate consumers feedback

Blog Design


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