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OSO has successfully worked on projects large and small with notable clients like LG Electronics, Korean Tourism Board. We present our clients with one of a kind, customized SEO campaig. Our coverage of search engine optimization specialty extends to world’s biggest search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. More specifically, OSO has the personnel and the know how to conduct SEO Campaigns in S. Korea, Japan & China through Naver, Yahoo Japan and Baidu. OSO provides our clients with the most up-to-date Search Engine Optimization techniques that are have the staying power and keeping up with periodic algorithm changes.

SEO for Naver

Naver is the dominant search engine in Korea.

SEO Strategy for Naver is to reach out to your potential visitors to deliver your brand in an informative way.

  • Site :
    Your site should be registered on Naver (a registration fee is required).
    Unless your site is internationally-recognized or governmental/educational related, you should have your local branch or registered business in Korea in order to be included in this section.
    (If your web site is already included in Naver DB, you do not have to re-submit your site)
  • Web : Only a web site in Korean (English for English search terms) is required.
Where is ‘site’ or ‘web’ section ?

Naver’s new algorithm displays ‘site’ or ‘web’ section in different positions for different search terms.
Do sufficient research to decide target SEO keywords properly for Naver.
In general, specific or long-tail keywords with less than 5 sponsored listings tend to show ‘site’/’web’ section earlier on SERP.

SERP : Display Order Examples

Korea SEO : Work Process

  1. Site Analysis & Structural Improvement
  2. On-Page SEO (keyword relevance)
  3. Off-Page SEO (social linking)

Naver Search Algorithm

  • Keyword Relevance : OnPage SEO
  • Link Popularity : Social media (blog, café, sns)
  • Recent Content : Update your site/page/content regularly

” Good document & bad document ? “

Good Page/Content
  • Page written based on trustworthy sources
  • Page with direct experience such as product/service review
  • Original content
  • Sufficient page-length with a clear theme
  • Page that are bookmarked and pasted to other blog/café/social media
  • Content written not for Naver search robot but for real readers
  • Easy-to-Read
Bad Page/Content
  • Sexual-related, Suicide, Gambling, Antisocial content
  • Content against privacy or copyright
  • Phishing / Spyware
  • Document automatically created by templates
  • Duplicated content
  • Cloaking / Redirection
  • Hidden text
  • Repeated content/word/word phrases on the same page
  • Content with intentional / artificial comments
  • False information


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