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Major CPC Programs for Korea Market

  • Naver ClickChoice
    CPC for Naver. #1~#10 sites/pages are exposed at the top of SERP with the name “Power Link”, and #11~#15 are exposed at the middle of SERP.
  • Google Adwords
    World-wide CPC program by Google
  • Daum
    Daum CPC covers Daum, #2 search engine in Korea, and Nate (another popular portal).

General Budget Allocation

  • Naver
  • Daum
  • Google

Naver’s Search Interface

Google VS Naver

CPC Strategy

Average Line Strategy (for click maximization)

Each month, 123sem analyzes your CPC campaign thoroughly, pushes-down low-performing keywords below the average line (avg. cpc), and enhances high-performing keywords above the average line.
This core strategy results in more clicks for the same budget constantly.


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