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Light up Business During Web 2.0 era, you should communicate with your customers.
SMO (Social Media Optimization) helps a company communicate positiviely with prospective customers.

What is SMO?

SMO is an abbreviation of Social Media Optimization.
SMO, like SEO (search engine optimization), generates traffic and awareness of your brand, product or service by listing the related content of yours across social media and networking sites.

Web 2.0 Media

SMO Value

Effective SMO marketing through two-ways communication b/w companies and consumers

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Enterprise Online Opinion Management

By using positive branding strategy through SMO, you can replace or push-down all negative content against your brand with positive content.
Recently-created positive content will enhance your brand awareness and loyalty.

  • According to a recent statistics, more than 70% of internet users see only the first page of (social) search result pages. General consumers tend to trust companies that are exposed on the first page of (social) search results.
Product Advertising & Sales Increase

As social media like FaceBook and Twitter becomes the common daily communication channels nowadays, word-of-mouth plays a critical role for people to make a purchase decision.
SMO increases sales by enabling consumers to spread voluntarily positive stories about your brand.

  • Word-of-Mouth counts on more than 59% in all purchasing decisions and more than 46% in acknowledging brand awareness in Korea
Search Improvement

SMO increases search traffic tremendously by listing your brand and content
on the first page of every search section on Naver (Korea’s dominant search engine) including blog search, café, knowledge, web, movie, image, news and so on.

Traffic Boom

A well-planned (killer) viral content can bring tens of thousands prospective customers.
SMO can be a very effective marketing tool for short-term events or product/service promotions.


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